Anthony Polanco:

Music Artist, Writer, Coach

As the founder of spiritual media company GodXP and the host of the GodXP Spiritual Fitness Podcast, Anthony explores the intersection of spirituality and self-actualization, interviewing experts and sharing insights to help listeners achieve their goals.

Anthony is a seasoned marketing consultant with a decade of experience in copywriting, content marketing, and digital advertising. Certified Ananda meditation teacher, RYT-200 yoga teacher, WYF 200-hour Kundalini yoga teacher, CCA certified life coach and CCA certified executive coach. He offers Meditationwave: In-person yoga meditation workshops to help individuals find inner peace and balance.

In his free time, Anthony enjoys composing and performing music, writing online, traveling to new places, and practicing and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His life has been a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration, shaped by his early experience in music performance, world culture, and cataclysmic spiritual events.

Anthony is open to new opportunities in all of these areas, and he is eager to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals and organizations. Let’s collaborate to create meaningful work and make a positive impact on the world. Learn more and connect further:

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