His childhood as a Christian missionary gave him mystical experiences all over the world. But at age 19, a grisly car crash would turn his mental paradigm upside down...

Anthony is now available for:

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Digital Advertising Consulting for Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Guest educator, guest speaker, corporate trainer, guest contributor roles
  • Business Development Consulting, Corporate mental health awareness consulting
  • Personal and Professional Development Coaching
  • Live Music Concert performance
  • Podcasts and interviews - Book, music, philosophy, marketing, etc.

Anthony Polanco is the founder of GodXP, an online community an education platform based on spirituality and personal development.

Anthony’s self-realization philosophies that inspire transformation in others are the foundation for GodXP, the enlightenment lifestyle brand he founded in 2016 and has developed into an online community, self-realization and personal development education platform, podcast series and apparel.

During his childhood Anthony Polanco served internationally as a Christian missionary. During that time he provided gospel and relief aid for homeless children around the world including across the United States, Kenya, Mexico and South Korea.

Anthony Polanco is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer and has a monthly headlining show called Neon Dreams - A monthly Vaporwave party held at Full Circle Olympic in Fresno, CA. Anthony has been performing live music his entire life, his first concert piano recital at age four.

Listen to his full length album "Incantations" now on Spotify and Apple Music

Currently internet advertising consulting for realtors and mortgage loan officers in Fresno, CA.

Several years experience in digital advertising, copywriting, social media management, ecommerce and sales funnels development, restaurant brand and culture development, concert venue promotion and marketing, Facebook ads, email marketing, CRM management, lead generation, online community development, and content creation.


8-10% of women have depression. 6-8% of men have depression. That's 1 in 10 of your employees. Let's get their mojo back.
Get Your Company's Mojo Back!!
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    • Keynote Speaking
    • Mindfulness training (Emotional reconditioning exercises)
    • Personal vision, values and principles workshops
    • Motivational stories and interactive dialogue
    • Book signings, meet and greet, collaborative marketing content
    • Promotional pricing of online courses and coaching programs for your employees
"56% of employees surveyed by HR company Paychex said their jobs were negatively affecting their mental health and rated their company's mental-health benefits as either "fair" or "poor." Many said they don't get mental-health insurance from their jobs, and 45% of supervisors never received any mental-health training.

For booking, please email me directly: Anthony@Anthonypolanco.com


For booking, please email me directly: Anthony@Anthonypolanco.com