Community Responsibilities With George Lloyd BLM Police Protests

Community Responsibilities In George Lloyd BLM Police Protests

Police brutality and racism are not the same thing.
What we must demand is police education reform.
Your fellow man is not your enemy, regardless of the color of his skin. We are all equally subject to an UNDER-trained police system. We have seen this time and time again, it is always the same issue. Police officers are not properly trained in vital principles like physical conflict management, and negotiation.
An entire overhaul of the police education system requiring two or three times as much training time before certification is what our protests must demand.
It takes six months to finish police training in CA. It takes twelves months of full time training to finish cosmetology training in CA.
I repeat, police brutality and racism are not the same problem.
The cause of the problem for which we riot and burn down our own communities is a police system with too much money being spent on guns instead of education for its officers who are supposed to be able to temporarily restrain someone without violence.
For some, protesting is the only means for speaking up and standing out.
To them I pray for understanding of their duty to protect and defend their communities from unjust tyrannies.
I pray we stand together with our fellow man and woman and demand reform. Absolute and total, national police reform.
But please, take individual responsibility during these crazy times. Do what is right for you, for your family, for your communities. Grow something, build something, create something that will change these situations for the better. Or stand and fight against this unjust irregularity. But always defend your fellow man. We are all brothers and sisters regardless of our different skin colors or political or religious beliefs.

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