I'm Anthony Polanco. I love life and helping others.


I'm building depression recovery programming called Get Your Mojo Back.

I'm Also:

  • Making Music
  • Competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at purple belt level
  • ​Integrating Yoga and Meditation teacher trainings
  • ​Writing about things like self-understanding, depression, identity, spirituality, and consciousness.

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Some of my best essays:

Kids Are Waking Up

Our Great relatives have been trying to warn us...

Decentralized Religion

The path of Enlightenment is a choose your own adventure game.

My Big Bro's Guide to Depression Recovery

What did Jesus say to the depressed guy?

My One-Day Life

An Essay On Living Each Day Like It's Your Last.

How To Get Into Yoga and Stay Into It, Even If You're A Guy, Even If You Hate the Idea of It

Once and for all: How to get into yoga and stay into it, even if you don’t want to, and gain super-heroic flexibility.