I'm Anthony Polanco. I love life and helping others.


I'm building a Spiritual Fitness course at GodXP and promoting my book Get Your Mojo Back.

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Some of my best essays:

Connecting Points

There’s this subconscious habit I developed at an early age to help me master situations like these. Throughout my life it's helped me make the most of first impressions, make friends, network, and benefit from opportunities:
Seek the connecting points.

On Being Cool For A Living

How to play and win living an authentic life. 

Men Are Evil Until They Forgive Their Dad

Afraid of becoming your parents? 

Kids Are Waking Up

Our Great relatives have been trying to warn us...

Decentralized Religion

The path of Enlightenment is a choose your own adventure game.

My Big Bro's Guide to Depression Recovery

What did Jesus say to the depressed guy?

My One-Day Life

An Essay On Living Each Day Like It's Your Last.

How To Get Into Yoga and Stay Into It, Even If You're A Guy, Even If You Hate the Idea of It

Once and for all: How to get into yoga and stay into it, even if you don’t want to, and gain super-heroic flexibility.