Choose Your Friends, Don’t Let Your Friends Choose You

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
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How To Assemble An A-Team

Develop the crew around you by hand now that you are forming yourself and your life consciously.

The people closest to you have the greatest subconscious effect on you. Don't fuck around with this part of your life. Nothing can kill your potential in life greater than a close friend with a poor opinion of you or life in general. It is through your closest friends that you earn your unconscious biases and beliefs about yourself. They will influence what you believe is possible based on the level and scale at which they're playing in their own respective fields.

If you're trying to get an executive promotion and your friends are all unemployed, it is unlikely that you're going to perform the same as your competition - someone whose friends are all business owners and playing at multi-million dollar revenue levels. She's going to have a different view of what's possible and what she expects from herself and what goals she sets for herself.

She is going to sound to the hiring manager a lot like she's a multimillion dollar business owner when she goes in there.

Hand pick the friends you spend most of your time with. Make friends with influential people and spend time with them.

An alpha team friend takes your good news reports and shares them to the press. They help you strategize when you face a roadblock. They take pride in your accomplishments and help you reposition yourself for attack when you get knocked down. They are soldiers for your cause. They believe in your mission and they know where you want to go. Even if they have a lot going on, they are ready to go to war with you if you ever need-call upon them.

An alpha team friend has their own unique set of skills that makes them a perfect fit for your crew. Maybe they have a way with words, or they're great at math, or they can take anyone down to the ground at will. Have friends you can model yourself after in order to improve areas of weakness -  meanwhile, you can use their skills in battle to effectively accomplish goals as a unit, rather than on your own. 

An alpha team friend expects excellence from you. If you tell a friend that you made a mistake or you failed and they don't care, get rid of them. Alpha team friends pick you back up and say things like "Hey that's not you. Let's figure out what went wrong and you'll take another swing at it."

The only thing between you and the life you want to live is the movie that's playing in your mind. The narrator going on in your head determines how you interpret reality and how you navigate your way through it.

Alpha team friends influence you with positivity and encourage your development, giving you key insights about yourself that help you sharpen your sword. But mostly they're just there to give you a push when you get close to the edge of the diving board and start to wimp-out. 

Alpha team friends will find a way to help you spin the story to help you construct a positive paradigm even in the darkest of light. Your friends ought to be a network of symbiotic relationships that enhance your lie in all aspects. You feed them the skills and insights you gain on your self-realization journey and they feed you theirs. 

On and on unto infinity.

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