Boring-Proof Meditation

Meditation doesn’t work –  Until you know how it works.

Most people mess up meditation by getting stuck on one of its two parts: Meditation is a practice, but it’s also a state of being cultivated by practice.

Meditation done right is boring-proof.

Getting There

For 10 years I studied many approaches to meditation. But I got lost in the forest of meditative practices, chasing after techniques. The day I started teaching is when I realized most meditation practices only teach you how to “get there”, but don’t actually show you how to be there. Otherwise, it’s straight to being there without techniques to get there.

Thanks to the Internet, everyone has access to a wide array of meditative practices. People tend to be faithful to their first love. That’s no prescription. It’s a buffet. Start today with the practice you already know.

If you’re completely new, what are your goals? Stress relief, improved focus, freedom from distractions, knowing God? I choose meditative practices based on my primary goals of emotional fitness and spiritual growth, and my students tend to share those goals. 

Here are 3 hacks I share with students to help boring-proof your meditation practice:

Start with some meditative exercises like yoga to relax the body and calm the mind.

Use pranayama techniques or guided meditations to concentrate the mind.

Sit in complete stillness for 5 to 10 minutes to cultivate the elevated state of awareness.

Being There

You’ve finally relaxed your heart and quieted your mind, but don’t run off now! This elevated state of being is why we practice meditation. You’ve just prepared the meal, why get up now that it’s time to eat it? 

We practice meditation to get the state change, but to integrate that state into our daily life you’ve got to spend time being in it. You’ll know you’re there when you’re beyond thoughts, beyond senses, being without the mind. 

3 hacks to ensure you nail expansion into the meditative mind: 

Sit in complete stillness. Think “uplifted relaxation”.

Cease all technique and observation. Let the breath take care of itself. 

If you become distracted, lean back on your techniques, then try again. 

Meditation practices calm the body and stills the mind, allowing meditation as a state of being to occur. Where people mess up meditation is by getting lost on one of the two, never getting to that boring-proof practice.

Cultivate both habits of meditation in your life costs nothing, anyone can do it anywhere, and the rewards compound. 

Meditation doesn’t work until you know how it works, once you do it becomes boring-proof.

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