The Remedy For Hopelessness

There might not be a complete cure for depression, but there is a remedy for the symptoms of feeling hopeless, pointless, or meaningless.

No matter how bad your life has gotten, there’s a way for you to turn it all around and create an entirely new, different life for yourself. You are not as stuck in your current path as you think you are. 

People say you have to live with depression for the rest of your life if you have it, that it never goes away. Whether or not that’s true, the symptoms of depression can be treated. What are the main symptoms of depression? Involuntary feeling and thinking of your hopelessness, existential despair, and meaninglessness, with suicidal thoughts in tow. Depression is a mental illness, and those are the main symptoms. 

Imagine seeing a cat committing suicide, or a bear, or an eagle. 

Doesn’t that seem like an obvious example of a mental illness? 

How can you combat a symptom like feelings of meaninglessness? 

Create some new meaning for yourself. 

It’s time to move your mind, your body, and your spirit in new ways.

Some people are driven to depression and kill themselves over a few thousand dollars of consumer debt. How much debt would it take to drive you over the edge? $50,000, $100,000, $1 million of debt? Which number sounds impossible to overcome?

I’ve felt the weight of sizable debt and it makes me nervous just thinking about it.

But then I think of this: At one point, Donald Trump was over a billion dollars in debt. That’s a thousand million. He said about this time in his life that he saw a homeless person on the street and thought to himself, ‘that guy is a billion dollars richer than me.’ And at that time he was right. Regardless of your opinions of the man himself, you’ve got to wonder why didn’t he kill himself, when so many others killed themselves over much less? 

How did Donald Trump retain the will to persevere, regain his fortune, and even become president of the United States of America? 

People who have everything kill themselves just as those who have nothing. 

Good, evil, rich, poor, loved, forgotten – your life is determined by how you see yourself and how you translate the world around you. Your relationship with the universe is largely, almost entirely equivalent to your relationship with yourself. 

That’s why I believe Donald Trump was able to completely recover his financial vitality and set himself on a course for presidency. He ultimately had a strong enough relationship with himself that in spite of what the world may’ve been saying about him. He saw himself as worthy of living a better life. 

Good or evil, doesn’t matter. Rich or poor, doesn’t matter. Loved or hated, doesn’t matter. How good do YOU see yourself? How rich do you feel inside? How loved can you be by the one who matters most – the only person who really matters in the end? 

The remedy for hopelessness

Depression takes many shapes with people, but one common symptom of depression is hopelessness. Hopelessness is a dreadful feeling in its pure uncut form, but when it is microdosed through depression, hopelessness is a numb, slow poison. There are a few remedies for hopelessness. I’m basing this on the assumption that hopelessness to you means feelings of despair, like there is absolutely no hope for you. If that was the case, if your state was despair, then you could not reach out for help because you inherently do not believe that help will come. Whether help is provided or not, you do not believe it will help. So you are in despair because you have no hope and you are alone with your doom.

You cannot reach out for help because you have no hope, you need hope because when you have hope you have a chance of survival. Everybody needs some form of hope. Without hope you cannot survive for very long. So how do you get hope if you are truly hopeless?

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