Kundalini Yoga For Depression (How Kundalini Yoga Saved My Life)

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Finding Kundalini Yoga

While I was out playing music one weekend in Monterey, California I got to talking to a lady who told me she was a yoga teacher for people struggling with MS. I was new to yoga at the time but really into it and she told me to check out this type called Kundalini yoga. 

I found a few videos online through the Spirit Voyage Youtube channel and got super into it. I attribute much of my personal development to Kundalini yoga and I thank God for that divine encounter all the time. 

Kundalini yoga incorporates not only yoga postures but also chanting, meditation, and breathwork. The reason Kundalini yoga is so helpful for people with depression is because it forces you into awareness of your systems: Your physical system, your emotional system, your mental system, your spiritual system. 

The practice of intense breathwork hyperoxygenates your cardiovascular system, which boosts mood and energy levels tremendously. In fact even just 60-180 seconds of hyper-oxygenation creates an intensely euphoric feeling similar to being high on cannabis. I trip out on my own hyper-oxygenated blood every night before bed! 

The meditative aspect of Kundalini yoga helps you process your emotions as they come up. You can either pinpoint their origin, meaning trace them back to the most significant occurrence in your memory and the feelings that were associated with that moment, and the meaning you gave them, or you can observe your emotions and decide what to do with them as they come up. This trains your mind to come to peace with itself. This combined with the breathwork makes your meditation practice the ultimate training center for your psychological and spiritual strength. 

The chanting is good too. I don’t know the explained science behind it but it’s something like the body is made up of 32 trillion cells that are essentially energy units vibrating at a frequency, and certain sounds tune your frequency, so when chanting these mantras you begin to lose track of your conscious effort to produce the sound and you essentially drift away from space-time awareness. The more seriously you take the aspects of Kundalini yoga the better that transcendent part of the experience tends to be, so I recommend  an open mind about the chanting. 

The chanting can feel a bit culty if you’re not into religion or spirituality at all. But who cares? Why is it bad to do something that feels foreign sometimes? Who let the squares write the rules? 

When it comes to spiritual practices, I tend to be open minded because I want to know if something I haven’t tried yet will work for me. And if it helps me liberate myself from negative thought patterns and mental habits and empowers and makes me feel like a mystical ninja while I do it, then you can bet I am going to do it. I’m into it, the people who do it are liberated, spiritual, vibrant folk from all walks of life. 

I practiced Kundalini yoga for the first year without ever going to a single class. Just Youtube. It was helping me so much and it was nowhere to be found around me, it wasn’t until I moved down to Southern California that I was able to find it. And then I got really into it, once I connected with the community and the culture. That was in 2016. Even when I moved away from Southern California I remained connected to the Kundalini yoga community and still to this day. I continue to attend and support Sat Nam Fest, a Kundalini yoga music festival. I’ve attended every year so far since 2016. I’ve blogged about it, and even volunteered. It’s my favorite vacation of the year. It’s super weird and divine. I love it so much.

Kundalini yoga is a safe place for you if you need something like this. I don’t care if you try it or not, but you should definitely at least invest in some form of breathwork practice. There are plenty of approaches to this. Holotropic breathwork, Wim Hof method, or just practice breathing in and out your nose full deep breaths nonstop for a minute, 3 minutes, 7 minutes. Just practice it and see how good it feels. Look up the science of it.  A breathwork habit alone will change your life. And you’ll feel like a bruce lee type wizard character while you do it. It’ll give you this secret superpower of intense energy, emotional spike, improved focus, anytime you want it. There’s an easy to read book I recommend if you’re interested in breathwork, and it’s called The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath by William Walker Atkinson. You can get it on Amazon Prime for like 6-7 bucks. You can probably find it on your iBooks for 1.99.

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