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Who Is Anthony Polanco

My life started at age 11. 

I became a Christian missionary at age 11. 
I traveled all over the world preaching the gospel of Jesus and delivering humanitarian efforts to homeless children. I was hooked. 
At that young age I was possessed by the idea of one day living a completely free lifestyle - 
traveling the world, exploring distant lands, and helping people in need.

I continued living this lifestyle as best I could throughout my teenage years while attending school in Dinuba, CA.

At age 15, I began performing metal music as both a singer and bass guitarist, gigging a lot and touring regionally with a few different young groups from around the Central Valley, CA. From 19 to 23 I made a living as a hairstylist, 
but I focused my energy, heart, and attention on the bands' music careers.

In 2014 at age 23 I publicly addressed my struggle with depression, which I was unwittingly experiencing for the previous 4 years. 
Whatever value I provide the world today I contribute to the efforts I took to recover from depression from age 23 to now.

I use social media to share my philosophies on mental health, business, lifestyle success, and spirituality.
I help businesses get more money by sharing THEIR unique and personal truths with the specific people who should hear it most.
I am a singer-songwriter and pop music artist. 
I produce and release music under the pseudonym AntPStyle, which is also my username on all my social media.

I am a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner. I train at Elite Team Jiujitsu under Tom Knox in Visalia, CA. 
I am a vocal advocate of kundalini yoga, mental health awareness, self analysis, and lifelong learning through reading and mentorships.

To find out more about Anthony Polanco follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook: @AntPStyle