My First Sub-Only Grappling Match :)

My first ever no-gi match, sub-only match, cage match. Had a great experience. Competing in front of a huge crowd is really fun. I was too tense to really pull off my moves or take risks, but we still put on a good match. I'm proud of my performance considering it was my first time. And my opponent Marlon Leano is no slouch. He's really good at jiujitsu.
EBI overtime is super fun.

Now that I've done one of these I know what to expect from the environment and the energy. It was overall a tremendous experience I'll never forget. Valley Fight Series is an excellent promotion. I expect it to continue to grow with each new successful event.

The fighters put on amazing performances. AJ and Severiano Perez showed their hearts of gold. James Delsid proved what I've been telling everyone: He is the most entertaining amateur MMA fighter I've ever seen. Maybe the most entertaining fighter period. Kevin Useni was seeming outclassed by him, but, you have to give the man credit for flying here the day before from Ireland and fighting James in his home turf. The whole Valley Fight Club team put on amazing performances. They were clearly well-prepared for this event. Sterling Money Ingram weathered a hurricane in round 1 and came back to show he has a whole bunch of tools in his belt, just as I predicted. Denzel Rosaroso displayed masterful boxing in his devastating knockout setup on his opponent, which was the fight immediately before my match by the way, I was watching it from the doorway I was about to walk out from.

What else can be said?

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