Who Is Anthony Polanco

My life started at age 11. 

I became a Christian missionary at age 11. 
I traveled all over the world preaching the gospel of Jesus and delivering humanitarian efforts to homeless children. I was hooked. 
At that young age I was possessed by the idea of one day living a completely free lifestyle - 
traveling the world, exploring distant lands, and helping people in need.

I continued living this lifestyle as best I could throughout my teenage years while attending school in Dinuba, CA.

At age 15, I began performing metal music as both a singer and bass guitarist, gigging a lot and touring regionally with a few different young groups from around the Central Valley, CA. From 19 to 23 I made a living as a hairstylist, 
but I focused my energy, heart, and attention on the bands' music careers.

In 2014 at age 23 I publicly addressed my struggle with depression, which I was unwittingly experiencing for the previous 4 years. 
Whatever value I provide the world today I contribute to the efforts I took to recover from depression from age 23 to now.

I use social media to share my philosophies on mental health, business, lifestyle success, and spirituality.
I help businesses get more money by sharing THEIR unique and personal truths with the specific people who should hear it most.
I am a singer-songwriter and pop music artist. 
I produce and release music under the pseudonym AntPStyle, which is also my username on all my social media.

I am a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner. I train at Elite Team Jiujitsu under Tom Knox in Visalia, CA. 
I am a vocal advocate of kundalini yoga, mental health awareness, self analysis, and lifelong learning through reading and mentorships.

To find out more about Anthony Polanco follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook: @AntPStyle
Youtube: https://bit.ly/2sNnIEj

How To Properly Present Your Ideas and Opinions Using Social Media


I’ve been wrestling lately with how to orient myself in my presentation of ideas to you. I do it all the time, I've been sharing things online since I was in the 8th grade. But the Internet is a weird thing and I don't think anyone knows the rules. So I ask myself, how should I exactly go about using the Internet to share my ideas?

I’m no expert at damn near anything. I have a functional knowledge of many things, and have proven a certain level of competence at a few things. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing to present your ideas to your tribe when you think you have something important to say to them. Let the truth set you free. If you have truth to speak, then speak it by God. Your tribe is waiting for truths to be spoken. 

And my tribe is you folks. We are linked together through this hunk of plastic we carry around in our hands all day.

And a good truth well-spoken is always worth delivering. If any one stands before their tribe with something of worth to say, nobody is going to judge who is saying it because it's the truth.

If I have anything important to say I’ll say it. At least as far spirituality and universal truths are concerned. I may also speak on music, basketball, marketing, and jiujitsu, because I've got a notable competence in those subjects as well.
If there’s nothing important to be said then I won’t say anything unless I'm seriously asked.

And I’ll keep my nose out of things that require more time to understand than I have to spare, and when I do I’ll speak more inquisitively because I don’t know for sure. 

I’m young in this life, which means I’m still listening and I’m still learning. I just enjoy sharing my ideas. And enough people enjoy hearing them that I feel motivated to continue sharing ideas. People ask me my thoughts on things and generally I do a pretty good job of giving them an answer they can chew on.

One day I’ll be old enough in the game that I can speak with more authority, but I've grown up studying spirituality.
I’ve been pursuing spiritual experiences since 11 years old. I’ve had several near-death experiences, though I prefer the term after-life experiences. I overcame crippling depression and reassembled myself and now I’m here.
I can’t pretend that none of that stuff matters. As far as the meaning of my life is concerned.

It matters a great deal considering how much of my attention during early childhood was given to my search for spiritual understanding. That's what identifies it as a most worthy cause for me to pursue in life.

And I will share to the best of my ability my ideas regarding subjects I believe to have competent knowledge and experience. To whatever degree the knowledge I have helps people today. For whomever I can help today with an inspiring thought, a strategy, or something significant to think about regarding their life and their personal identity.

***If you're curious how I'm pursuing spiritual understanding, the answer is mostly through scrutinizing self-analysis with things like kundalini yoga and kriya meditations, introspective writing, brazilian jiu-jitsu, running, and psychedelic experiences. Also with reading a great deal of literature and research on philosophy, psychology, religion, self-realization, and the like. And by eliciting conversation with like-minded people who can share ideas and stories and debate and improve the discussion. And by documenting others' stories of spiritual and transformational nature. My strategies may certainly develop and change as I grow older.****

I’m trying to deliver critical ideas that help you in the consideration of your life.
Ideas that have helped me in my time of need, and ideas that I expect will help guide me to a more optimal human experience. 

The person who I am talking to is whoever wants to consider things of an enlightening nature. Whoever wants to know what is consciousness, what is the meaning of life, who or what is God, and how should they orient themselves spiritually?

Why? Because this is what interests me.
This is what fascinates me.
This is the pursuit that is worth the exchange for my entire lifespan.

So what about you? What interests you the most? What's been tugging at the back of the proverbial shirt collar that is your childhood dreams? What is your truth to be spoken? It's never too early to start speaking truth. We're your tribe and we need to hear the good word.

The Perfect System for Writing Articles and Blogs QUICK!

How To Be a Fast Article Writer

A few years ago, around 2015, I was a young man writing a lot of freelance articles from home. That's how I was making most of my income at one point, and it wasn't a bad racket. For a while I was getting weekly checks of $1,100 from writing freelance. It didn't stay that good, if it had I might not have stopped. That's not to say there aren't many folks to this day making well over $1,000-$5,000 per week writing freelance articles, blogs, and copy. In fact I know some of them. It's a really fascinating online racket to get into and I'm really glad I spent so much time doing it. I learned a lot about writing copy and about discipline. 

Anyway, I developed a system that would allow me to write faster and stay focused from the moment I sat down till the end and final moment of time I allotted myself. Because with freelance writing the more you write the more money you can make.

When I was doing a lot of freelance writing, I often felt I needed to get faster and more efficient and procrastinate much less. I developed a system that allowed me to sit down to work and get a few articles done before I even thought of something else or felt like doing something else.

Using this superpowered and super exclusive secret system, you can sit down and crank out 4-5 articles at a time and not feel a bit of discouragement or gut-wrenching despair.

Quick, Efficient, Satisfactory. Not Great, but Good & Fast

The System:
Research, outline, fill in outline, intro, conclusion, links

1. Research (5 minutes) - gather info, leave tabs open for citing. 1-2 pieces of info per link. Each page/paragraph

2. Outline (3-5 minutes) - sumarize research finding. 

3. Fill In Outline (5-10 min.) - Write two-three sentences per outline point. Explain. 

4. Write Intro & Conclusion (5-10 min.) 

5. Add sources cited/hyperlinks (2-3 min.)

6. Re-read, Edit. (3-5 min.)

20-35 minutes max. Between 300-1,000 words.

1. You've got to know enough. Be at least competent of the topic. Know at least what TO outline. Or research twice as much.

2. Learn about your outline topics. Leave tabs open for works cited.

3. Build around what you've learned about your outline topics.

4. Write intro and conclusion. Two summaries of your outline. Prologue/epilogue. 
Present your evidence, your facts, and then use the intro and conclusion to frame the setting and story so your reader can make a decision on how to feel or what to do. 


1. Outline topic's points - 5 minutes

2. Research outline topics, copy links to outline points - 5 minutes

3. Gather best source from each link. Write 1-2 sentences about it. Hyperlink. - 5 minutes

4. Expand, explain each point. 10 minutes

5. Write intro summary, conclusion summary. 5 minutes

6. Fill in for word count if necessary. 3 minutes

7. Re-read, proof edit. (3-5 minutes)

It's not pretty work cranking out articles this fast.

It's a maddening game to play for money. Unless your brain works more mechanically than mine, which it very well might.

But freelance writing can be a very effective way to earn cash in the short term if you're in a pinch. And if you get good at it can make you some serious dough. Not to mention it's a development of your ability to write and to type fast and to be disciplined with your time.

Is there anything I've left out that might help people wanting to write better and faster? Drop it in the comments section. Thanks so much for reading!